Here’s what people are saying about Pooki

The message that I get from Pooki is…

Not to take life so seriously. 

Her message may seem outrageous to some and

inviting to others. She reminds us that we all want the same thing..

the experience of joy, peace, love and understanding.

So, why not give the rest of it up and enjoy our journey together.

Kind regards,

Rev Bob Boschert


Pooki is an absolute inspiration of boundless energy, love and joy!!!  Her love of people, music, dance and spirit are absolutely infectious.  The energy of positive feelings, expanding possibility and loving connection are so uplifting and contagious.  I would challenge even an Ebenezer Scrooge to be crabby with Pooki around.   

Jody Baltzer, a sincere fan


Pooki is a living example of love and tolerance. She has shown total acceptance towards myself and my partner, and has opened up a bridge to us through her music and performance.  She does not see gender, sexual orientation, race, color of one’s skin, or any other external factor — she sees everyone as a child of God.  Her energy and her heart is in all she does and as such she continues to attract hundreds, possibly thousands, one person at a time, to experience, more joy, more harmony, and more peace.


Brenda Fraser

Defiance, MO


Pooki, you have touched so many people, but I am an example of someone who has been touched by you and Bob, by attending church services at Unity Church of Peace and the Soul Esteem Center, while you and the GTA have performed, followed by hugs and conversation.  Even though I have not sung with GTA, we connected through music in the Central West End one rainy day at the art fair, when you sang with Pauline and I at our Jazz gig at the Pasta House.  I am a 55 year old female.  

Love and Light, 

Carol Eder


I think anyone who comes in contact with Pooki is touched by her. I think the main reason is because she is so genuine about it. She truly feels what she stands for and it comes through loud and clear! You can’t help but be affected by that…which proves the point that what she believes is real. Something so powerful can’t be doubted when you come face to face with it and feel it yourself.

The first time I encountered Pook I was so drawn in by her and the choir. Because of the passion of so many like minded people..all wanting to promote peace and well being in our troubled world, the music carried a power with it I had never felt before. I immediately wanted to become part of it.

I personally had just come through a very difficult time and was trying to heal …heal my heart, my mind and spirit and my soul I think. When the joy of the choir swept through me for the first time it brought me to tears. I had never met these people and yet they were affecting me very deeply..

The conscious effort of the choir to project love, joy, healing vibration is a very powerful force. You don’t have to be a believer in this way of thinking to feel it, you feel it because it is a real thing, a tangible force that reaches into you and draws out whatever needs healing. The music and Pooki work together.

I did become a member of GTA and it has forever changed my life. The first time I sang with the choir was an amazing experience to stand in the middle of all that energy! I felt powerful and joyous and recharged.

Pooki is an ambassador of peace and healing. She believes in her message to her very soul and it projects out of her like a light for all to see and be drawn to.

love you pook 🙂

Rebecca McNeil


I joined the Gateway to Agape shortly after I retired. While I have enjoyed listening to many kinds of music and choral singing, this  was my first time to be singing with a group. 

During and after the Saturday morning rehearsals, I experienced a quiet joy, a peaceful energized happy,  a resonance with the positive loving messages of the songs, the rhythms, and the group singing.

For about a year, the Agape was a good transition into retirement  for me.. And then, I was ready to move into other experiences and interests.

Thank you.

Roz Marx


The unfettered love and freedom of self-expression which Pooki exudes is like none-other Almost anyone who has the fortune of being in Pooki’s presence is positively changed. If you’re feeling blue you will be lifted up out of the funk. A smile wells up from within. If you feel unloved she will love you. I don’t believe she has ever met a stranger. The choir is a vesicle for Pooki and Bob to spread that love throughout the world.

Cathey Allen


Her children.  They love her, and say so.  You can tell they are really glad to see her when they show up at a choir practice or performance.  And at her 50th birthday party (a big affair open to many, many people), they spoke their love, and their memories of her and her decision to have them learn to make their lives fun and full of love, and their pride when they spoke of turning out like her.

I have been affected by her.  I know I am loved and accepted as I am.  Even if I am late or if I don’t sing up to par.  She doesn’t notice.  She knows I have done my best.  And the effect is that I always make the decision to do better in that atmosphere.  I really notice if I am in a different atmosphere, and I can’t wait to get back to the loving atmosphere.  And, meanwhile, it turns out I am having an effect on those others, and people like it.

Kay Schmitt


You asked, “Have I inspired your life in any way?” 

Yes. I met you a few years ago at Sound Connections. LeRoy White was drumming, and I so wanted to get up and dance, but I was afraid and embarrassed. I saw you, a total free spirit, just loving what you were doing and not worrying about what others might be thinking….and I was able to set aside my fear and self-consciousness and dance! I danced so hard I lost my voice for an hour! 

I’m still working on not worrying about what others may think…but I haven’t forgotten the day you inspired me to step out of my comfort zone, and how much fun we had! 

Love you Pooki, 

Joni VanSelous


Dear Pooki,

Here’s a simple little inspiration you gave me. 

It was the look in your eyes, of pure love. And when you hugged me I felt the brilliant light of your soul. 

I mentioned to my friends that if anyone is enlightened at Harmony Fest, I believe it’s you.

It’s inspiring because I want to be like you…experiencing the world through unconditional love and peace and finally God Realization.

Many Blessings :))

Kathleen Harber


My dear Pooki, Every time I see you I am inspired.

You bring such joy and love to every place you go.

I’m so inspired by your music I’m willing to let you put music to my lyrics!

After seeing and speaking with you I am always filled with joy.

You inspired me with the 21 days of no complaints. Who else but you would have thought of it?

I’m still carrying on with it. I know the 21 days are up but I want to remain conscious of what I say and do.

You inspire me with your energy. I cannot imagine where you get it from.  If it’s a gift from Spirit, how do I get mine?

You love life and it shows. You inspire just by being you:-)

         Be Blessed!

            Darlene Beery


Pooki is a person with a big heart she does not put expectations on us we are free to come and go and sing our hearts out and she praises you and believes in you. even though  i didn’t believe in my self. she did never a harsh word . unconditional truly love and should to love ourselves so we could love others . i thank her and God for being in her life and she in mine I miss her bubbly and motivating self. I am going to let her help me more I am going to  open up and allow her unconditional love  and wisdom to help me and I want to  other people to know that Pooki is a ray on my sunshine. I any questions please call 314-596-8980 

Lois Maddox

love light and blessings


I personally have been touched my Pooki’s presence. Pooki exudes unconditional love and overflowing joy! Her energy is contagious!

Her passion for her vision is inspiring. The energy of her passion when she sings/leads us in singing is palpable!

She’s Wildly Divine!!

Kristi Carrico


She inspires people to be their authentic self. Pooki does this by being her true self. By being her true self, she inspires us to do so. 

Great work! 


Susan Rentfrow


I am one of the many people who have had their life touched by Pooki.  When I first met Pooki she came up to me and hugged me.  I didn’t know her.   I had just met her.  She didn’t just hug me she embraced me.   I totally felt unconditional love radiating from her.  I was going through a rough time in my life and I didn’t know it but I really needed a hug.  Since that first hug over 7 years ago I have been hugged by Pooki every time I have seen her.  I am now a Pooki follower.  I follow her post on Facebook and she has made a big difference in my life.  I strive to be more like Pooki and to see others with unconditional love, non-judgement and acceptance.  I have never been known for my singing ability but Pooki kept telling me that it didn’t matter.  She encouraged me to join the choir and just be myself and bring loving energy.  When I sing with them I feel uplifted and totally full of love for everyone.  I teach kindergarten.  On my way to school in the morning I listen to Pooki and Bob’s CD and get myself into a positive loving mood for my kids.  My goal is to be more like Pooki and send out as much love everyday as possible.  She is a wonderful positive force in this world.    

Brenda Olivares


Pooki is a beautiful loving soul that has inspired me for years!  Her open, loving acceptance of all and the genuine gratitude she expresses are great examples of living your purpose. The joy Pooki expresses through her music and dancing lift the energy state of everyone she comes in contact with. I can still remember the first time I met her approximately 15 years ago.  She was dancing at SEC, and my heart lifted from the love she was expressing.

Kay Losciuto


Pooki, you bring life into my life.  You are fun to watch but more fun to listen to and

and feel your energy.  Your acceptance of me and everyone else brings life into us.

I greatly enjoy having you at CSL …even on days you are not singing.  Your joy comes through.


Ann  Gavin