Why do I paint?

I paint because I LOVE to paint and when I am expressing LOVE I am healing the planet! As I hold the vibration of UNCONDITIONAL LOVE in everything that I do I am assisting in the global transformation of our world and everyone in it to LOVE!! That is my mission and my vision and my “he(art)work” is just one of my tools for global transformation!

I begin by holding the essence of Love as my BEing.

Within each painting is a meditation, a prayer, a song, a vision conceived in love and infused with loves healing power.

As I stand before each canvas I ask “What does the Divinity that is Within ME want to say in this moment?” “What is the expression of love that is to be revealed in each brushstroke?” What is the healing energy that seeks to flow from my heart into this art and then into the World?”

In everything I do my intention is to express Divine Love.

As I open my heart and commune with the sacredness of my being something beautiful emerges.

My HeARTwork…. 

When I paint… I surrender…. to the expression of love moving through me…. I come to each piece as a prayer… an offering and commune with the sacredness of my being.

I express the healing power of divine love as it blesses the canvas. I reach deep states of infinite awareness and receive divinely inspired messages guiding me deeper into the heart of unconditional love. In this moment I am connected to all infinity… freely flowing as Me!

Are you wanting to infuse more love in your life? If so, you are invited to own one of these paintings. Where you choose to place the painting is up to you. Know that it comes fully charged with the healing vibration of love and will have a powerful effect on anyone who views it. It will also infuse the environment in which it is hung creating a sacred space saturated in the essence of unconditional love.

When you invest in my artwork… You are investing in my vision for the transformation of our planet to love. I feel that we each have the power to assist in raising the vibrational frequency of our planet  by expressing love in our lives and in the world. It is through the power of love that we will bring about global healing and transformation. Everywhere I look I see this transformation happening as hearts are opening to the vibration of LOVE. And each time I face a canvas I feel the LOVE of the Divine Infusing ME!


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