pooki-014Surrender to Love – One on One Sessions

Each session is unique…

I surrender to Divine Love and invite you to do the same.

We come together in sacred space creating an opening for love to fully infuse our beings. We may sit facing each other…. we may sing…. drum…. dance, we may talk… be silent…. laugh… cry…. held in the arms of Divine Love.

You may experience physical well being , emotional clearing, an infusion of pure unconditional love or gain deep insight in an area of your life where you have been challenged. It is not known what your experience will be, only that it will be directly relative to your willingness to be open at the time of the session. The invitation for you to actively participate is always open.


Divine Love is the highest vibration in Universe and has the power to heal once we surrender fully. Love is the only power that ever truly heals….

As an expression of unconditional divine love I have been gifted with the beautiful experience of channeling that love for others for healing, transformation and spiritual liberation.

For your first Surrender to Love Sessions I ask that you set up 2-1 hour sessions. The first session for our journey into discovery and the 2nd session to catch up and see how you are doing (usually 2 weeks apart).

For St. Louis Clients – All sessions in the St. Louis area are held in private at A Gathering Place in Maryland Heights.

For Internet Clients –  I can do a session anywhere in the world. If you have access to Skype we can set a time to work together.

Please feel free to reach out to me for more information.

Sending you love and joy….this day…