Morning Gratitude

You Are Love Word ArtAs a morning ritual, gratitude is a great place to begin the day.

Upon rising, allow yourself to feel real gratitude for being alive in this now moment. Feel the energy of life pulsating through your entire body. Put your hands on your chest and feel your heart beating. Bring your attention to your breath… as you breathe in and out feel the life force moving within you with each breath you take. Feel the joy of living fill your entire being.

Take a moment to bask in this feeling of gratitude. Be grateful to be YOU!

When you start the day like this the universe responds to you full of love. When you focus your attention on what is present rather than looking at what is missing, you will find more things in your life to appreciate.

There are so many things to be grateful for, but in this moment just be grateful for you and your beautiful life. With you hands on your heart say “I am so grateful to be me!”

  1. Ken Martin

    Pooki I met you and Bob at CSL while playing bass for Mitzi. Mitzi is a cherished friend. Love what you’re doing. Very busy with music plus I do acting and modeling. Too funny.
    I’m on Mike and Robbie Silvermans label Autumn Hill. They are great friends and human beings. They actually turned me on to Bob. Just wanted to say hey. Tell Bob hello for me and your video…message and dance were beautiful.
    Life is short. Eat dessert first!
    217 851 0796

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