I am a divine expression of the ONE. I am here to assist souls in spiritual liberation. I live in love and vibrate peace and harmony. I have come to remind you who you are… in case you forget.

My life is dedicated to service and I am a positive powerful force of love and light. Joy is my calling card and freedom is my mantra. May we all find the freedom to live life as we are intended… in the fullness of divine glory. My life is filled with the goodness of Spirit. I am joyfully blessed!

I am an Outrageous Creative

I enjoy anything artistic. I love to sing and dance. I am a hula dancer and come from a long line of Hawaiians. I am a painter and a talented designer.  I love to design and create with others. I love projects that build community. I love walking in nature and communing with all living things. I am a lover.

I love all people… all animals… all beings everywhere… I have come to love…. I love participating in healing and assisting people as they move to higher levels of awareness and being. I love hugging… smiling… laughing and feeling free.

My purpose on this planet is to live as an expression of unconditional love and to assist others in spiritual liberation.

I dream of living in peace and harmony with everyone. Creating a conscious community that is centered in love. Where we create true community… self sustaining communities…  I am an environmentalist and am strongly interested in the sustainability of our planet. I have come to be of service.

That’s what I love to do….