I was born in a Hula Hut!

AND I was born to hula! Both my mother and my grandmother were exquisite dancers and kumu’s (teachers) as well. My mother still teaches to this day on the Big Island in Kona. Because of my rich hawaiian heritage I have been dancing hula all of my life. If asked… I can dance hula just about anywhere…

A Little Family History

I come from two generations of Hawaiian entertainers. I had the magical experience of being born into a traveling “hawaiian gypsy” caravan. Around the time of my birth Hawaii was a new state and there was much romanticizing about the islands. It was the perfect opportunity for my family to move to the mainland and bring the spirit of aloha in the form of a hawaiian floor show, and it didn’t hurt that my grandpa was transfered to Ft. Lauderdale, the place of my birth.

My grandfather was the band leader for the USO band in Hononlulu. Together with my grandmother, they created a hawaiian floor show my mother and her sisters danced in growing up. Performing was a family affair and it continued into my generation where I lived my early years as a little star who had the privilege of dancing in the family show. Every night, 5 nights a week I would come out into the spotlight shaking my hips, smiling my butt off and melting the hearts of the entire room! This is the fabulousness of what I was born into.

I was born to dance. I always loved to dance. When I danced I felt the happiest… I loved dancing so much I would spend much of my waking hours learning hula or dancing to the latest hits on the radio! Crimson and Clover, over and over… Crimson and Clover, over and over… When I danced I was set free!

Dancing continues to be a source for divine expression… whether executing the precision of hula or the wild abandon of tribal infusion… I find there is nothing quite like the states of ecstacy one can achieve through dance.

Hula for me now is about sharing the rich history of my homeland in a very unique way.

Hula House Concerts are an evening of enchantment as Bob and I take you on a musical journey through the islands. Take sail on the island sea through light and breezy hawaiian melodies. Be captivated by the stories told by lovely hula hands in an intimate setting. Feel the Spirit of Aloha infuse your evening and your heart. Maybe even learn a little hula yourself if your in the mood! Hula House Concerts are a unique experience. It is sure to be an evening you and your quests will remember forever.

To find out more about hosting your own Hula House Concert please send me an email at Pooki@PookiLee.com. Evenings begin at $400.