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Gateway to Agape

Gateway to Agape is a movement centered in unconditional love and the choir is a musical expression of that love.

Gateway to Agape, as a 501(c)3 organization, is a  Trans-Denominational, Transformational, Multi-Cultural, Beloved Community open to all people and all ages, who are intent on expanding love, compassion, healing and conscious action through the sacred arts of music, song and dance.

Inspired in 2008, the choir has performed on many stages in the St. Louis area and beyond . Under the direction of Pooki Lee, the choir has continued to come together to create a vibration of love and joy through their powerful expression of music and song. Many lives have been transformed by the gift of this choir and beloved community that supports it.

As a beloved community we are dedicated to service. Our intention is to assist in the healing of our planet through the powerful vibration of love and compassion. We breathe, sing and dance through our hearts, allowing the essence of Spirit to express through us and as us. It is our joy to share this magnificent blessing with all.

We are a powerful expression of unconditional love in the St. Louis area.

Come and get involved in the Agape Movement. Find ways to give your love away and make a difference in our community. Express who you are and what you have come to reveal in this lifetime.

Come share your joy and sing with us!

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Gift of Service

Gateway to Agape is intent on serving the community of St. Louis with uplifting songs of inspiration and healing.

We are a unique family of voices representing many spiritual centers in the St. Louis community.

We stand united in LOVE singing as the One Truth. Our energy is high and our vibration is strong.

We are dedicated to making a difference in our community.  Won’t you come and be a part of the blessing that is Gateway to Agape?


We invite all people, all faiths, all ages to share in this”Gateway to Agape” music ministry. You only need a sincere desire to open your heart and soul to the joy of your being and be willing to express that joy through this voice of Agape.




Gateway To Agape performs each week to a wide variety of audiences for many events, occasions and gatherings in and around the St. Louis area.

We are always looking for opportunities to share our music with new audiences. We can perform for an intimate event with as little as 2 performers to a large event with a full 40+ choir and full band. We can accommodate almost any need. Possible venues (but not limited to) include:

Sunday Services IMG_0374

Spiritual Celebrations

Concerts – Festivals

Art Shows – Fairs

Parties – Private and Public





Non-Profit Organizations


Retirement Centers

Nursing Homes


Gateway to Agape is a 501c3 Non-Profit Organization

To find out more about Gateway to Agape please visit our page at: