Divine Love Offering (Blessing) is a gift that is available to anyone regardless of their spiritual path. It is not sourced from any religion or attached to any dogma. It is gift from the very heart of Creation. It is an infusion of the highest vibration in the Universe: Divine Love.

Love Heals All… No matter what the question, Love is the answer

If you want to heal your body… Love more.

If you want to have healthy relationships… Love more.

This connection is done without words … there is nothing you need to do… only to be present to the moment. Divine Love knows all.

You are invited to sit with Pooki and experience this Divine Love Blessing

Just a sweet, tender expression of Divine Love in its purest form.

This is the only time Pooki recorded a Divine Love session and shared it on YouTube. Please Enjoy!

There is no charge for this session, however, you may give a love offering if you feel moved.

Future Divine Love Offerings will be live streamed. To find out when please sign up for my email list here.

Be Love, Be Loved, Beloved…