Love Infusion Meditation – Surrender to LOVE!!!


Take a moment to open your heart to the power of LOVE!!! Allow the dynamic energy of LOVE emanate from your very being!!! Join with me in this powerful meditation as together we radiate love and light into the world. Blessings to you for the light you shine!!!

Be Love, Be Loved, Beloved…..

Morning Gratitude

You Are Love Word ArtAs a morning ritual, gratitude is a great place to begin the day.

Upon rising, allow yourself to feel real gratitude for being alive in this now moment. Feel the energy of life pulsating through your entire body. Put your hands on your chest and feel your heart beating. Bring your attention to your breath… as you breathe in and out feel the life force moving within you with each breath you take. Feel the joy of living fill your entire being.

Take a moment to bask in this feeling of gratitude. Be grateful to be YOU!

When you start the day like this the universe responds to you full of love. When you focus your attention on what is present rather than looking at what is missing, you will find more things in your life to appreciate.

There are so many things to be grateful for, but in this moment just be grateful for you and your beautiful life. With you hands on your heart say “I am so grateful to be me!”

Celebrating Mother Earth!

Love Grows Here Word ArtWe are surely feeling the blessing of spring now. Everywhere you look the landscape is transforming into green, lush, new growth. The air is damp with sprouting potential as the scent of early spring blossoms dance in the breeze.

There is a wonderful, magical sense about this time of year. The earth is alive and teeming with life. So what better time of the year than now to celebrate her: our beautiful Mother Earth!

Every April, all across the country and in over 175 countries, Earth Day is celebrated. Founded by Gaylord Nelson, a Senator from Wisconsin, Earth Day brought awareness to the environmental issues that were facing our country. Some of our biggest problems at that time were clean air and water.

The first Earth Day, held on April 22, 1970, was a nationwide demonstration against environmental pollution. It was the same year we saw the last Beatles album, the death of Jimi Hendrix, and the release of Simon and Garfunkel’s “Bridge Over Troubled Water.” Public rallies and protests against the war were common news headlines and the public was becoming more aware of environmental issues.

The first Earth Day inspired the creation of the Environmental Protection Agency and the passage of the Clean Water, Clean Air and Endangered Species Acts. And in 2009, April 22 was christened International Mother Earth Day by the United Nations. I love the inclusion of the word “mother,” since the earth is the source of our sustenance.

In 43 years we have come a long way and there is still work to be done. With the population of our planet growing and demands for goods increasing, we need to be more diligent and aware of our impact than ever before.

So, here is a short, sweet list of some things you could do today that could make a difference:

  • Reuse items BEFORE recycling. If you can reuse something, you are making a better choice than recycling. Additional energy is used to recycle items and increases their carbon footprint.
  • Take your own cloth bags into the store. Avoid plastic shopping bags at all costs. Did you know there are islands of plastic bags that are floating in our oceans?
  • Carry your own “to go” containers in your car. When you dine out, avoid using Styrofoam, which is a substance that CAN NOT be recycled and is bad for the planet.
  • Create a compost area in your yard. Take most of your food waste and convert it into amazing soil. You can put almost any kind of organic matter in compost, with the exception of animal scraps.
  • Recycle electronics. Just about anywhere in the country you can find a place to recycle old electronics and appliances. As search on the web should provide you with the resource needed. 
  • Shop at Goodwill and other second-hand thrift stores. Not only will you save money, the cash you spend will go to worthy causes that help people in need, so it is a win-win all around.
  • Walk or bike before jumping behind the wheel. Can you get to where you want to go without getting in your car? Maybe even consider mass transit?
  • Tap into the Earth Day Network and get involved in environmental issues year round. You will find ideas to inspire you at
  • And last but not least … Attend an Earth Day Festival, This year in St. Louis Earth Day is April 26 on the Muny grounds in Forest Park. St. Louis hosts the third largest Earth Day festival in the nation. Discover local businesses and nonprofits that share in the vision of Earth Day. Come on out and discover what is new in sustainable products and services. Find out how you can become involved on a local level. Also take in some of the performances by local musicians on any one of the three stages.

Each of us can make a difference by becoming more mindful of how our behavior affects the planet and all the creatures that share the earth with us. Take time to think about ways in which you could be a beneficial presence on the planet and then help educate others on how they can contribute to the health of our planet.

In closing I just want to say “Thank You” for reading. I am grateful for this time together… 

Be Love, Be Loved, Beloved….

A Powerful Way to Express Your Love This Month

Love Word Art Hearts

Love is in the air!

Love is everywhere!

February is the month of LOVE!

This month is usually dedicated to lovers and romantic relationships, of course. Why not use February to focus on ALL of your relationships? Every person that you engage with offers an opportunity to express more and more love. True love is not just for our romantic partner. We should offer love in all of our personal encounters.

Our love is not meant to be conditional, which means having to meet certain criteria before it is given. Our love is meant to be given freely to everyone we meet.

Now, you may be asking, “How can I do that?”

For some, probably the hardest thing is to relate “love” to a stranger. This could be someone walking toward us on the street, someone in front of or behind us in the checkout line, or someone standing next to us in an elevator.

Personally, I love these moments. It gives me a chance to play the “I love you and you don’t even know it” game!

Here’s how I play it: When I’m out and about and I catch a stranger’s gaze, I smile. I look deep into the eyes of this person and smile – a sort of silent “hello.” Sounds innocent enough right? and what I am really doing is secretly telling them “I Love YOU!”

They have no idea what is going on. And, if they smile back, I imagine them saying “I Love YOU!” back to me. This silent exchange only takes a few moments. The feelings that emerge from within me as I walk in the world this way transforms my day and will do the same for you. Just do it!

Give Your Love AWAY!

If you want to give your love away in a more personal manner, start with important people who are not strangers. Sometimes we get so caught up in our daily life, we forget to let those close to us know how much we love and appreciate them. What about those whom you know and love but don’t often connect with or see on a regular basis? This could be friends in and out of town, as well as family members who live far and near. To me there is nothing more important than letting people know how much they mean to you.

So, since February is the month for LOVE, how about you make a commitment to “give your love away”? I will happily join you on this one!

What if I told you it would be easy and relatively inexpensive? The only things it would require are a little bit of your time and a willingness to express what is in your heart.

Just to Say… I Love YOU…

This is by no means a “new” idea, maybe just a forgotten one – the lost art of letter writing. If you want to let someone know how much you really care, one of the best ways is a handwritten “love letter.” Yes, a love letter.

This is not intended only for your partner or spouse (although that would be great too). These love letters are to those people in your life who inspire you, support you, assist you, feed you, nurture you, care for you, love you, pray for you, protect you, laugh with you and cry with you. They have shared the magnificent journey of your life with.

I invite you to take time to sit down and handcraft a beautiful letter expressing your deep gratitude for their presence in your life. Let your heart be open to express whatever it wants.

You may sit in a moment of silence before you begin to write. Close your eyes and breathe deeply. Take a moment to see in your mind’s eye the face of the person you are writing to. Look into their “eyes” and smile. (Yes, physically smile.) Allow feelings of love and appreciation to fill you as you continue to breathe. When you are ready, open your eyes and allow the words to flow through you onto the page. Feel your hand connected to your heart as the words come forth easily. Do this exercise as often as you like during the month of February.

You can write a love note once a day, every day, and send it through the mail. Or you might choose to sit down and spend a couple of hours writing several love notes. The letters can be long or short. Sometimes just one sentence will say all that needs to be expressed. You can also add your own doodles and artwork in the margins to add visual interest. You might even find yourself drawn to poetry, expressing in a rhythmic cadence, using words as an artist uses paint.

Think about it. When was the last time you took a minute to handwrite a letter?

In these days of instant messages, email, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest it appears we are always communicating with each other. Don’t be fooled. We are living in a high-tech, low-touch society. We use these social media venues to let people know what we like and don’t like, what we want and don’t have, often impersonal and from a distance.

Let’s bring back the art of “Love Letter” writing! It doesn’t matter if your handwriting is less than perfect! What does matter is the intention behind the feelings you express!

I am preparing right now to spend the next few hours writing some love letters to those I care for. And I would love to inspire you to do the same! Join me and make a commitment to those you love.

Wishing you a February filled to overflowing with love.


Be Love, Be Loved, Beloved…

Original Art and a Soul Massage CD

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Here’s a wonderful gift idea for yourself or a loved one!

UPDATE: A few of these have already sold. So if you see one you like, you might want to act quickly.

Bob and I have created about a dozen 8″ x 10″ paintings in recent weeks. For just $50 you can own the original artwork of your choice (a $75 value) plus one of our Soul Massage music CDs ($15 value), and a card personally signed to you or the person you are gifting it to (priceless 🙂 ).

Pooki Lee Bob Baker Art Music

Look below for a selection of art that is currently available. See one you want? Send an email to Bob right away ( to make payment arrangements!

Again, you get an original 8″ x 10″ painting created by both of us, a Soul Massage music CD, and a handwritten card for just $50 USD. If we need to ship it to you, that fee will be added to the total.

Share the gift of art and music this holiday season!


You Are Love Word Art

Live Your Passion Word Art


Live Love Laugh Word Art


Word Art All You Need Is Love


Word Art Let Your Love Shine


Love Word Art Hearts


Love Heart Word Art


Love Grows Here Word Art


See one you want? Send an email to Bob right away ( to make payment arrangements!

Again, you get an original 8″ x 10″ painting created by both of us, a Soul Massage music CD, and a handwritten card for just $50 USD. If we need to ship it to you, that fee will be added to the total.

Share the gift of art and music this holiday season!

Wake Up!

Check out this rough cut from the studio!

Bob and I are in the studio right now putting together another fabulous cd!
It is really exciting to be in the creative process!
You never know how, when or where the muse is going to show up!

For now… just relax and take a listen… I hope you enjoy it!


Believe it or not that amazing song was given to me while I was taking a shower!
This is not the first time this has happened… and certainly will not be the last…
I have a couple more that I am working on so get ready!

Please take a moment to leave a comment here…

I would love to know what you think about it!

I Am Responsible … Come Sing with Me!


Over the last week and a half and close to home, the city of Ferguson Mo. has found it way to the headlines of worldwide news. I feel that what we need to do right now is come together in love and peace…

As you may know… I am an activist at heart! I believe that all everyone on this planet has the right to be safe, well fed and free. I know that it is up to me to make a difference in the world right where I am! When we join forces we can create a wave of change that is undeniable! 

“I am Responsible” is a song that I wrote to support the I AM RESPONSIBLE. Movement! I had some fun with this one!!! All the words are in the video!!!

Are You Living Life or are You a Spectator?

skydive Are you fully engaging in life or are you watching from the sidelines? Are you letting your emotions ride on an actor in a movie or a player on a field? Do you find yourself “feeling” something that you are observing rather than participating in life?

It is easy to be captivated by someone else’s experience while watching a big screen television. To feel the thrill of the moment with orchestrated music and fanfare can be addictive. You can live through a wide range of emotions while watching one movie or game of sports.

All of these moments can create emotional reactions in intense visceral ways. Think of how excited you are when your team is coming in to score… or your disappointment when your team drops the ball…. all without leaving your seat. 

So today I encourage you to get up and get out! It is alright to experience some emotions as a spectator in life however we should get out and experience life for ourselves. There are many opportunities for you to engage! Go out to the park and play ball! Jump out of an airplane or take a hot air ballon ride! Take off to a nearby images-1amusement park and feel every cell in your body respond to the extreme intensity of a roller coaster or the ferris wheel! 

Whatever you do, get out and experience your life! Feel the excitement of being alive and immerse yourself in fully living your life. Your gonna love it!

You didn’t come here to sit around and watch someone else living life from your sofa…You came to be a powerful force of nature enjoying all the benefits that being alive have to offer!

If you would like to experience more JOYFUL expression in your life then join Bob and me as we share some of our secrets to “How to Live a More Playful, Passionate and Creative Life” It is a four-week immersive experience to help you live a Pookilicious and Bobtastic life! It starts Tuesday, September 2 – the day after Labor Day. I would be delighted to have share this experience with you! It will surely be FUN!!!!

Secrets About the Power of Play!

Pooki Play Garden Water

Are you wondering why Bob and I are doing an entire four-week program on “How to Live a More Playful, Passionate and Creative Life?”

It is really quite simple!!!

Everyday we get so caught up in the routine of making a living, raising a family, and juggling a million different tasks … we become overwhelmed and quickly forget the vital importance that joy, fun, laughter, play, and creativity have on our lives.

It goes far beyond just feeling good…. it transforms you in ways you may not have imagined.

Feeding your soul and experiencing joy have profound effects on your health, mood, attitude, productivity, and overall well-being.

There’s plenty of scientific research to back this up too. Just check out these articles from CNNNBCPsychCentral and EverydayHealth.

According to this article, creative play can:

  • Relieve stress
  • Stimulate the mind and improve brain function
  • Improve relationships and your connection to others
  • Keep you feeling young and energetic
  • Heal emotional wounds

See? Doesn’t that want to make you run around barefoot in your backyard under the sprinkler?

So go put something on you can get dirty and let’s get ready to have some fun….

You can begin by registering for the program …

… it’s time to get your feet wet!!

Give yourself the gift of play and creativity today!!!


A Brand New Journal

Have you ever started a new journal because THAT day felt like the first day of the most magical, mystical journey of your life?

imagesWell… that is what today is for ME!!!

Here is just a sampling of my first entry….

All of my dreams are coming true NOW! What I want to create in the world flows to me easily. I am blessed with infinite prosperity. I am deeply loved by the Universe and all of life is with me on this divine journey celebrating with me all the deliciousness that life is. Good things always happen to me. I am inspired!

Ready to start your new journal?

Wishing you a magical, mystical day!!! Be Love, Be Loved, Beloved!