Amma and the Power of One

Have you ever asked yourself how can one person make a difference in the world? Is it really possible for just one person to really have any effect of the issues that are facing our world daily?

Looking around in todays world, everything can seem so overwhelming and complicated. It may be hard to see how one person could really make any real impact!  And it seems like never before have there been so many things that need our attention. We have environmental issues, health concerns, global warming, widespread hunger and poverty and it doesn’t end there. How do we care for our elders. Who is going to keep our water clean and our food fit for consumption? What about education?  With so many calling for help what can we as individuals do? In our hearts we want to respond to make a difference but how can just one person really change anything? It all appears to be so big and we seem so small…

Well, I am happy to say… one person can actually make a profound difference… having a powerful impact on a global level addressing most of the areas I just mentioned. She is an amazing humanitarian and her heart is as vast as the sea. Her entire life has been dedicated to helping the poor and needy.

From the time she was a small child she would give her food to others if she thought they were hungry. Amma inspires and uplifts with her embrace, her wisdom and her vision. Her love and deep compassion have been the inspiration have healed the hearts many. Her teaching is universal because her religion is Love. One visit to her website, and your head will be swimming with the many programs and charities she supports. She is a living example of how one person is making the world a better place right now, which gives hope to the rest of us, all flowing from a commitment to love and serve. In 2013 she celebrated her 60th birthday!

If you are being introduced to her for the first time I delight in your discovery.

Amma 2

It is with great joy and deep appreciation that I present to you Mata Amritanandamayi, lovingly known as Amma the “hugging saint.”

Last summer I went to Cedar Rapids Iowa to attend a weekend event with Amma. I had traveled with a small group from St. Louis to meet her on a stop during her 2013 North American tour. Most people come to these events not to learn about her charities but believe it or not… to just get a hug. Amma has hugged over 32 million people in the world! Some will wait hours for just one of her hugs! In 2009 I waited till 1 o’clock in the morning, over 7 hours, for a hug in LA where there were over 6,000 people. Crazy HUH?

So while you waiting for your hug…you find yourself roaming in a mini Amma village. Here you can find out what Amma’s different charities are doing to help those in need. Information booths are staffed with volunteers eager to share Amma’s vision. There are booths beautifully displaying keepsakes and gifts from sari silks to sterling silver jewelry all available to take home.  You can even delight your palette with some vegetarian Indian food if you like! Everything is eco friendly with a sustainability focus and all proceeds support Amma’s charities.

Through her non for profit organization Embracing the World, she coordinates many humanitarian efforts assisting people all over the world. Her global charities benefit  disaster relief, green initiatives, community outreach, care homes for children, public health, building homes, health care and nutrition, fighting hunger, education for everyone and empowering women. Last year she held free programs in 56 cities in 20 countries. When you visit her website you get a real expanded idea of what she is doing in the world. It is really quite amazing! Amma has never asked anyone to change their religion, only to go deeper into their values and practice the essential principles of their faith.

How is she doing all this? It all began with love… it is just that simple.

Right where you are right now, you can make a difference. You can begin with focusing your heart on love and asking yourself… What would ”love” do in this moment right now? As you begin to focus on love and being a loving presence in the world you… yes you… will have a powerful impact on the world.

As you walk in the world silently repeat the word “love”. It will transform each and every moment and you will be radiating love everywhere you go.

Now if you want to take it a step further… ask yourself “How can I be of service today”? What could you physically do…. to make the world better? Where could you volunteer? Who could you inspire and uplift? When you show acts of love and kindness to others a ripple effect occurs. Your happiness inspires their happiness and then they inspire someone else who then goes on to inspire someone else… and before you know it that little act of love and kindness has traveled around the world….do it…. it will inspire you.

So see you really can make a difference! a HUGE difference. The first impact you will have is on your own life…kind of an unexpected benefit… : )

Thank you so much for reading my blog. I am in the process of writing my first book and I will be sharing some of those writings here and would love your comments. I always find such joy in writing it and I hope you are inspired in some way with the insights I share! Please say hello if you should see me around town. I always love meeting you!

Be Love, Be Loved, Beloved…. ~ Pooki

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